Light War
A Multiplayer, Multi-Platform, First Person Shooter VR Game
For my year 3 semester 2 individual project, I wanted to improve my VR development skills and see what else I could do. So I decided to create a multi player shooting game for Oculus Rift DK-2 and Samsung Gear VR. That makes the game a Multiplayer, Multiplatform, First Person Shooter VR game. It is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OSX and Android.
Images & Process
Clay Pigeon Shooting
A game for Samsung Gear VR under 12 hours
I along with a friend of mine created a game on Clay Pigeon Shooting under 12 hours, from idea to execution. This was a fun experiment by us to see what we are capable of in 12 hours.
Images & Process
Sluice Room
An application for Samsung Gear VR
Me and a friend of mine had a client from TVPP who needed a simple VR application for Samsung Gear to show a product. It also had video integration.
Images & Process
Donana National Park
A VR (Oculus Rift DK-2) game for the Donana National Park
For my year 2 semester 2 group project, we are making a 3D game, which will represent the Donana National Park, Spain. Since certain areas of the park are restricted, we will create a 3D game so an avatar (player) can walk through and discover the park.
Game for Oculus Rift DK-2. Designed and Developed by me.
For my year 2 semester 1 individual project my theme was to create "Games for Purpose". So I decided to create a game for the Oculus Rift which will teach people about Astronomy.
Little More
Augmented Reality App. Developed by me.
One of my projects was to make an interactive app for a museum called "Royal Green Jacket Museum", targeted at 10-12 year old kids. The kids go around the museum and search for objects. The objects are only viewable through the app as they don't physically exist (Augmented Reality). When the kids collect the items, it gets stored in their phone and then later they can view the item and its information. This would be a fun way for kids to learn about items in the museum.

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