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Game for Oculus Rift DK-2
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Donana Park
Game for Oculus Rift DK-2
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Little More
Augmented Reality mobile App
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An iOS and Android app
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RGJ Game
A mobile app for a museum
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Echelon Networks
An app for Echelon Networks
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Fight 4 Lives
Website for a charity organisation
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Designed and Developed by me.
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Cohort Website
My first website I made
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Hi I'm Aarul Malaviya, pursuing my 3rd year B.Sc. Digital Media Development at University of Winchester in UK. I am a Digital Media enthusiast who is passionate about the use of Digital Media in different areas, but in specific, Game development in the virtual reality environment and the use of Augmented reality for specific purposes. I focus on the development side of the projects. My aim is to provide better experience to consumer with the help of Digital Media.
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I have always been fascinated and had a passion for creating mobile apps and games. VR (Virtual Reality) is my current area of interest.

I have recently bought the Oculus Rift DK-2 and have started to build games for it. The VR environment is something that I am really fascinated with. I am currently working with 'Unity' for my developmental purposes and look forward to development using other newer tools and platforms.

I am also keen on working in the Augmented Reality area and as part of my university project I developed a mobile app for a museum in Winchester known as Royal Green Jacket Museum. The app is called 'Little More', which has been appreciated and I am currently working on developing another app for them .

I have also made few cross platform / multi device websites and am currently working on developing a couple more.

I want to continue in this industry because I really enjoy what I do and working in this field makes me feel happy and I do not feel that it's work.

I am looking forward to internship opportunities with companies in the area of Digital Media where I can learn more and demonstrate my abilities to learn new things and working on them. At the university, working in groups has helped me develop various skills such as Team work, Leadership, Decision making, Critical thinking which I find very useful. I want to improve my skills and gain more experience in this field that will help me steer my future career in the field of Digital Media.